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Intuitive Life Coaching

What is Coaching?

Put simply, a Coach is someone who has the skill and ability to help you go from where you are now in life to the place you WANT to be.  Coaching is a process of first examining where you stand at the present moment, then together we can objectively set forward the stepping stones it'll take to get you where you need to go.  I serve in this area both as an Intuitive, Motivator and not just to help Inspire you, but also give you the real-life Tools you need while giving you that extra support and drive every step of the way!

What areas can you help with?

Some Coaches prefer or are attracted to specific aspects of Coaching, but for me I like to not limit myself when I'm in a place to help.  I've worked with Clients who needed Coaching for their Love Life, Personal Life Issues, Starting a Business and others who are just at a place that they're feeling stuck and not sure the next move to take.  The way I see it is if you have an End Goal you need help in achieving, no matter what it is, I'm at your service.

How long does it take?

I like to see fast results and we get them together!  That said, I like to encourage quick results through simple first steps, finding the answers needed to move forward and by focusing on attaining successful goals and decisions NOW that are most helpful for your Present and that will leave Opportunity to Catapult you to that long-term End Goal.  This also helps to clear many roadblocks that could have stood in your way.  And when you do meet that block, together we can break right through and keep on going.  With that said I don't have a specific answer on how long it'll take for you to meet your goal.  Depending on what it is, on how quickly you're looking to get there and how hard we can work to get you there the amount of time will vary from client to client. Generally, on our initial first session we'll assess the goals and concerns that may arise and by creating a plan of action and a roadmap for your best path, we'll know then by creating milestones and mini goals along the way that'll help speed up the process even further.

Spiritual Counseling

What is Spiritual Counseling and is it Therapy?

Let me start by saying that I am not a licensed healthcare professional and in speaking to that, if your matters are of a serious mental health capacity I do recommend seeking medical help.  

I counsel others in my capacity as an Ordained Minister and Intuitive/Empath.  Our physical problems or emotional situations will often manifest from our minds and the thoughts and actions the brain produces them in, which in turn creates spiritual blocks that hold us back from allowing our true higher self to guide us through the matter at hand and into a place of healing. Through Spiritual Counseling we will work through those blocks together to meet the root issue head on, acknowledge it and take the steps to not just push forward past whatever it may be, but heal the matter so it won't affect you in the future.

It can seem like therapy to some, but I consider it therapy for the soul.  

How long does it take?

I book my counseling sessions in a 1 hour block. As far as how long it may take to work through a specific issue or situation depends on a variety of factors and I don't have a specific answer.  I will say that some clients have had a single session and find it was enough to help them through and solve what they needed, while others have booked 2 or 3 sessions.  The experience is about You and healing whatever area of your life is holding you back.  

Does it matter if I'm not a Spiritual Person?

Not at all.  Whether through my Readings, Life Coaching or Counseling  I work with and have clients that come from all different backgrounds and all different religions.  I do have a couple of clients that are atheists and aren't Spiritual at all.  This is usually rare for me, given what I do, but I hold no judgements towards anyone and I have no goal or agenda to push my beliefs on others.  My beliefs are my own and we're ALL entitled to believe or not believe what we wish. As I mentioned on my about me page, my motto: I Am Me. You Are You. You Do You, Boo.

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