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The Rundown

What is a Reading?

Simply speaking, a Reading is a time of insight, guidance, counsel and healing.  It’s a time when the Reader will sit with the client and open themselves into their Intuitive Abilities to become a Channel and Messenger from a Higher Source.  From there they are able to receive messages, information, visual pictures, symbols, etc. (in a variety of different ways and from a variety of sources) to answer the questions the client may have and give these messages as guidance and insight to aid in solving, healing and bringing closure to the issue or situation at hand.

How Do You Give a Reading?

If you’ve had a Reading before from others you may have noticed each Reading has a certain energy and feel to it.  If this is your first Reading then I feel grateful you’ve come to me.  In my readings, with my style and in how I conduct them, my main intent is for the client to be as comfortable as possible at all times with the information being given, the energy and emotions they may be feeling that will come up and in opening themselves to allow the information they NEED to actually come through for them.

How Does It All Work?

First, there is no one right or wrong way to give a Reading.  For me, I like to start with a breif chat about what your questions and areas of interest are.  I'll also explain what I'm going to do and how I work. I work highly in my ability of being an Empath-someone who can feel what other people are feeling, often strongly enough they can become my own emotions.  This is helpful for me in knowing how to give you a message and the best way to deliver it so you can process and absorb it in a comfortable way.

The main tool I use is the Tarot and other types of cards.  I don't read them the same way most do in that every card is meant to have a specific meaning and it change depending on the card its next to or grouped with or if its inverted.  For me, I use the tarot as a visual focus point to help me tune in stronger to my own intuition. There's also times I may be receiving in a certain way that the cards don't help with that focus as much and I'll use automatic writing where I write and scribble on a piece of paper. 

The messages I receive can come in so many different ways, feelings or emotions that I connect better in a lot of ways so often during a reading I may switch from one tool or another or not need any and just receive the information in a direct enough way that by closing my eyes or staring off into space is the best way.  I prefer to just go with what my intuition is telling me at that moment will help bring through those messages in the clearest and strongest way possible.

How Long is a Reading?

I book my Readings in 1 hour sessions, but I book my Readings with enough room in between clients not just for me ground, center and have a moment before the next, but I do this for you as well.  There will be times when the hours up, but I'm still getting messages You Need To know.  I'm not that type of Reader who will just stop because the clock tells me times up and leave you hanging.  I will let the time run over a little more (within reason) to give you that extra guidance. 

Where Do You Give Readings?

For my local clients I do readings out of my home or can also travel to them.  Otherwise I can give them through a phone call, video chat, or for those who don't want to be seen or feel like talking I can also give readings through a chat/instant messaging platform.  Basically, what you're most comfortable with.  It doesn't affect the Reading itself one way or the other. 

How to Book Your Reading!


Simply Fill out the form on the Contact Page with your info and when you're best available and we'll get back to you to confirm!


You can reach us at 727.900.6886

How to Pay

For your convenience, safety and discretion we accept payment through PayPal.