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About Us... About You

A Brief Letter from Jonathan Black

Greetings!  I'm Jonathan Black, Head of Basick Black and the 'Man Behind the Curtain.'  FIRST, I just need to say that ABOUT ME pages suck in general, are boring to read and usually extremely long ramblings that are all about how much the person in question is WAY TOO in love with themselves.  Usually there is very little REAL information that could help you in making a decision of whether or not you're even in the right place.

So, for the sake of time, ease and getting to the point, I promise to make this page as brief as possible.  Here you'll find any information you need regarding me, my company and the services I offer, but more important you'll find out the most important thing...WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU! 

So while others may babble on about themselves and how great they are, I won't.  I'll give you the cliff's notes version because my company, my readings and my whole purpose in life has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.  IT'S ABOUT YOU!  IT'S ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR QUESTIONS, THE GUIDANCE YOU SEEK AND THE CHANGES YOU CRAVE. 

I always tell my clients the same thing.  I am no one special.  I am just like anyone else on this planet trying to better their lives and continue to find deeper meaning.  The ONLY THING that makes me special is that from that first moment in early childhood when I realized I was blessed with certain gifts and abilities (that we all actually have) I made the  Choice to not run from them and lock them away .  I embraced them and I WORKED HARD to develop the gifts I was given so that one day I could have this opportunity.  I have many clients now and have helped thousands of people, but that's not good enough for me.  I'll admit I am selfish in my service to you and to others because I not only want, but need to help whenever and wherever I can in any way possible.  This is my nature and it's my mission to reach out and touch as many lives as possible.  

This Company is born from my selfish nature to change as many lives for the better and to help as many people as I can through any problems they may be having, whether mental, physical or spiritual.  I don't need to be a famous 'TV Medium' or have a million dollar mansion.  NONE of that matters to me.  My selfishness is in that place when I truly see that change in a clients life, I see their spirit and heart uplift and fill during a reading, I see that "ah ha moment" of clarity in their eyes and all the other great things that come along.  To me, that is the real gift and I feel so grateful and blessed that I am able to be there and share those moments with them.  That feeling I receive that tells me they're not just going to be "ok", but they're going to be BETTER and UNSTOPPABLE.  That is my high.  That is my addiction and why I choose to service others with my gifts.  It's that success and clarity and renewed spirit within my client that is my reason for creating this page and extending my reach and clientele.  

I truly hope you're the next person I can be of service to and help with whatever your needs may be.  I wish you all the blessings in the world.


Jonathan Black

Keeping It Simple

Are You In the Right Place?

As much as I'd love to be able to help Everyone, the truth is not everyone WANTS to be helped.  If you're ready for Real Answers, Real Life Change and Guidance then You're in the Right Place!

If You're looking for a quickie fortune teller or Witch Doctor, I'd recommend you hit those wacky 800#'s.

What Are YOU Looking For?

Basik Black offers Many DIfferent Types of Readings & Services that can custom fit to any situation or style you may need.  If you're not sure , that's ok too.  Don't be afraid to NOT KNOW something, even if it's what you're feeling.  Sometimes it's best to Start with a General Reading that will touch on all aspects of your life.  Many times this helps to hone in on those areas you need help and guidance through.  Either way, I AM ME and I expect you to JUST BE YOU. NO JUDGMENTS HERE!

How We Help!

As an Ordained Minister, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, I use many of these different gifts through the Readings and Services offered to find the issue at hand, help you to understand it and, finally, CRUSH IT!  From there the Healing can Begin to Build Your Spirit back Up to Optimum so you can Take the World by Storm and Finally have the Tools & Knowledge to Live the Life You TRULY Want!

Briefly About Me

Just The Facts...

First of all, as this is my company, site and for those of you who follow me on social media already know, I AM ME!  This is my motto or mantra.  I am who I am and I'm happy.  So, adding a little bit more of 'ME' to the site, please say hello to my baby girl Lilly.  Isn't she cute?  Don't worry, she'll be around.  She likes to stay close by during Readings and other Services. She enjoys the spotlight more than I do so I had to include her here.

Now about me.  I am an Ordained Minister (Non-denominational) and have worked with people of all Faiths and Backgrounds.  I can thankfully now say that due to Monster Machine called the Internet that I've been able to speak to and assist clients Worldwide!

I am a Psychic Medium and my Readings are my Most Requested service.  I can access information in various ways.  This helps me to allow you to feel more comfortable and at ease through your reading.  More information can be found on the READINGS page.

I am an Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor.  I assist in those areas of life that just aren't working or coming together in sync with your goals and purpose.  Through real life tools and intuitive guidance I have helped  take clients from feeling that they weren't even at the 'Starting Gate' to guiding them right Past the Finish Line!

I am an Energy Worker/Healer.  Through various systems of energy work and within many different faiths I am able to help give a situation or problem in life that "extra push" of divine power it needs to get you where you need to go.  I also work with Healing energy in both long-distance and local sessions, working psychically through the different energy systems of the body, I infuse areas of concern with pure divine energy to aid the speeding of healing and eliminating troubles altogether.  You can find out more on the SERVICES page!

Other Areas I work in are Feng Shui/Professional Orginzation/Energy Clearing, Paranormal Research, House Blessings/Cleansings and more!  The SERVICES page will provide all the info!